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I'm Nasim

I'm a fresh UX/UI Design graduate from BrainStation Bootcamp with a background in Information System

A Bit About Me

I chose to pursue UX/UI Design because I was amazed by the idea of making people's lives
easier to navigate through the digital world with Human Centered Design solutions.  I decided to further my knowledge in UX by joining the UX design BrainStation BootCamp.

My technical experience along with the communication skills and critical thinking that I have developed over years would help me to be able to work with developers and have a better understanding of end users.

What I love about this job is the range of projects, products, and people you would be exposed to in this field. I like being a bridge between the end user and all the people that are involved in creating products and services.

Skills: Figma, InVision, HTML, CSS

Let's Connect!

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